Terms & Conditions

Painted Peacock Disclaimer  Policy.

I am fully insured and have an up to date DBS certificate

The products I use are safe for the skin, however if you know your child has sensitive skin, perhaps a design on the arm would be more appropriate.

I maintain a high level of cleanliness. My brushes and water are cleaned frequently

I wash my sponges at 60 degrees in a washing machine in between jobs.

I Reserve the right to refuse to paint what I consider to be inappropriate age or behaviour. (3+ years recommended).

If a child cannot sit still enough to be painted an alternative area can be painted or a design may have to be simplified to accommodate this.

I will not paint a child that does not want to be painted, shows confusion, distress or is asleep.

Please make sure your child’s face is clean before face painting begins.

I reserve the right to refuse to paint any individual with medical conditions ,including (but not limited to) Cold sores, runny noses, conjunctivitis, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions causing broken or dry skin.

I will not be responsible for the welfare of each individual whilst I am face painting. Please ensure individuals below 16 years are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.

Please do not ask me to paint offensive symbols or intimate parts of the body. These will be refused without any breach of contract.

I insist my products are not toughed by the public at any time. This is to ensure health and safety. Please make sure your children do not touch any of the products whilst in the Que.

Removing paint at home can be done with soap and warm water. Certain products can stain the skin slightly but is non-permanent.

I will always take care not to get products on my client’s clothes and I do not accept any responsibility for damage caused to any person and their property at any time.