How to remove face paint & Glitter safely

So once you or your child has had their face painted there will come a point when it needs to be removed. We cant stress enough the FACE PAINT SHOULD NOT BE SLEPT IN. This is especially true for children and younger children who have naturally more sensitive skin. Not only that, it may stain your bedding and night clothes.

Young children and face paint removal

For younger children we recommend using only your normal soap or a tear free wash and a very wet flannel or soft cloth.

The eye area must be treated with great care as the skin around this area is very delicate. With young children, usually the eye area is not painted heavily so this should not be too hard to remove.

It may take several attempts and your cloth may become discoloured, so don't use your best flannel or sponge for this purpose.

All residue should finally come away after a good bath or shower. 

We don't recommend using baby wipes to remove makeup on small children's faces as they contain alot of hidden chemicals that can react with young children's skin. The face can be alot more sensitive than the bottom!

For Older children and Adults

You would be recommended to follow the steps above but you may find a makeup remover works well afterwards to get off the tricky patches. Ether that or a smothering in baby lotion and cotton pads to remove last remaining bits. 

If you choose to use baby wipes then this your own prerogative. They can be effective in removing light stains as long as you or your child do not have sensitive skin.

Stubborn stains

Sometimes face paint colours can stain the skin a little. I find this particularly with the heavily pigmented colours such as blues, blacks etc.

If you find these hard to remove then maybe use a little baby lotion or moisturiser on a cotton pad will work. If you don't have these then just use olive oil on a cotton ball and this will work very well!

A good shower or bath will remove all residue completely.

Removing Glitter

Regular glitter

This should come away when you remove your face paint. Unfortunately it tends to disperse a little and you may still notice a little fairy dust glimmering for days to come.


However, baby lotion or olive oil on a cotton pad can help with this or simply use makeup remover on particularly stubborn patches. A good shower or bath should clear away any stubborn specs!


Chunky Festival Glitter

This glitter is the most impressive on the skin, but the most tricky to remove. 


1) Dry Brush off any unstuck glitter first with your hands or a dry flannel. Do this motion away from the eyes.

2)Then use a very wet cloth or makeup removal cloth with soap to wash away glitter and any other face paint.


3)For children faces, stubborn glitter particles can be removed by using baby lotion/ moisturiser or olive oil on a cotton pad to get the last remaining specs away.


4) Alternatively you could try a makeup remover (adults only), but not recommended for people with sensitive skin, (unless a specified sensitive brand).

All glitter will eventually be removed after a bath or shower

Removing Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are temporary tattoos, but they can last up to 2 weeks on the skin if well looked after. However not all glitter tattoos are welcome for that long. If you wish to remove the glitter tattoo we recommend using baby oil or olive oil on sensitive skin. light exfoliation can help this process along also.

Skin Reactions

The above makeup removal advice is our recommendation.


Adults skin and older children's skin are more tolerant to soaps and chemicals, but young children's skin is extremely sensitive. If you find your child has any kind of reaction to our products please let us know asap.

All our products are professional grade water based vegetarian & vegan paints that are specifically designed for the purpose of face painting. On the rare occasion, a child (or adult) may have a reaction.

If this occurs we recommend removing the face paint immediately.

We do not recommend face or body painting or glitter tattoos or makeup for anyone with the the following conditions:

Dry Skin

Sensitive skin




broken skin



runny noses


other medical conditions