Glitter Tattoo Parties

Glitter tattoo parties are increasingly popular as an add on for children's birthday parties. They are specially popular for boys & girls that are slightly older (5+) . 

We have many current and popular designs that appeal to both boys and girls. We offer many different colours too so can fit to suit favorite teams, characters and colours.

Our glitter tattoo parties offer unlimited glitter tattoos for up to 60 children, so suit larger parties or parties that want to offer more than 1 glitter tattoo per child.

Glitter tattoos can last for up to 1 week on the skin so please consider this is it might be an issue. Most children love this fact and enjoy showing them off to family and friends.

If your child has a specific theme for their party then we can order in special designs specifically to suit this.

Contact us for more details.

  • painted peacock face painting
  • painted peacock face painting

Painted peacock face painting Covering East Anglia Region.

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