Painted Peacock Covid  19  Information

Sadly we have not been able to work since spring 2020, but the vaccine is on its way and we look forward to a society that is relatively back to normal. With this in mind we are starting to think about taking bookings from June 2021. Hopefully by this time we will be able to hold parties and gatherings like before the epidemic.

Our services may be limited or have to change slightly to accommodate close contact work rules, but we endeavor to provide you with a service that will add to your event or party.

We have our Statement for Covid 19 health & safety in place to protect our customers and protect ourselves.

Please see our Covid 19 safety poster below, and read our 'Painted Peacock Covid 19 Safety Statement' . (please note that guidelines change constantly so our statement will be updated as and when it is required.

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Painted Peacock Covid 19 Health & Safety  Statement

Due to the possibility that the Covid virus may possibly survive on face paints and applicators, we are taking the following safety precautions to prevent such risks..

  • We lightly spray our face paints with isopropanol (70% alcohol) after each individual use. This will kill the virus immediately and quickly vaporise allowing the paints to be used quickly after each application.

  • We will change our brushes after each individual use and disinfect brushes using a 6 step process

Step 1) rinse in cold water

Step 2) Soak in brush soap

Step 3) rinse in cold water

Step 4) Dry with a disposable towel

Step 5) Submerge in isopropanol

Step 6) Air dry


  • We will change our sponges after each individual. We will wash our sponges in the washing machine at 60 degrees  with mild detergent and air dry completely

  • We will keep our water bowl clean... changing the water after each use. we will rinse our water bowls with isopropanol

  • We will apply glitter using a puffer

  • We will clean our station and chair after each customer.

  • We will clean our gloves after each customer and replace our gloves every few customers.

  • We will wear a mask and face visor at all times.

  • We will provide clear walking routes and 1 way traffic if needed. 

  • We will keep 2 mts apart at every opportunity

Updated 08/02/2021