Cancellation and booking alterations Policy

Cancelling bookings:

14 days +

If you decide you need to cancel your booking before 14 days of your party you will get a full refund of your deposit.

within 14 days of your booking

If you decide to cancel your booking within 14 days of your booking we cannot return your deposit.

Unfortunately we will not return deposits for the reason of illness, bad weather or other unforeseen personal circumstances. This is due to the fact that we are running a legitimate business an have therefore lost out on the opportunity to create income, pay staff, charges & taxes (sorry!!!).

Changing dates of your bookings

14 days +

It may be possible to change the date of your booking if requested, although we get very booked up so your desired date may no longer be available. If we cannot comply with your new date we may be able to recommend another face painter who can help. If this is the case then we can issue a refund (please see above).

Within 14 days of your booking

If you need to change the date within 14 days of your booking then we will try to accommodate your request. We do get booked up so it may be that your chosen dates are not possible. If this is the case you may loose your deposit. please see above guide lines.

                             Changing party location
If you have booked your party online and you party is no longer in the recommended zone, this may increase your costs as travel expenses will occur.

Changing party numbers to be face painted

If the number of faces to be painted goes down then there is no need to contact us. If the number goes up you may need to let us know. We plan to paint a max of 25 face per 2 hour session, but if the number increases dramatically then we will need to include another face painter which will increase costs.

Cancellation from us
It is unlikely that we will need to cancel an appointment/ event / booking. However if this is the case, we will try to find an alternative face painter to attend. If this is not possible then we will refund your booking / deposit fully.